We offer a full range of frozen meat including frozen duck, chicken, turkey, pork and seafood. We offer a one-stop solution for all your frozen meat needs. Once you visit our store, you won’t have to go for further shop hopping.
All the products from Bello Alimentos Ltda are approved and certified from reputable meat plants. That is why our meat meets the highest standards set by recognized food and drug agency.
We offer tailored packaging as per your retail and wholesale purchase needs. Our products are available in cuts, bulks or as byproducts. Just let us know what you seek.
Our chicken and meat are free form hormones and antibiotics, and we handle them humanly. We add no artificial color or preservatives to our frozen products. That is how our products assure 100% nutrition and safety.
We supply the highest quality frozen chicken parts that include whole chicken, chicken breasts, paws, feet, wings, drumsticks, chicken back, breast inner fillet, chicken thigh and more.
We offer a wide range of frozen pork that include Berkshire pork belly, fresh dice pork ham, fresh pig feet, fresh pork fillets, fresh pork joint, fresh pork neck steaks and more.
We offer free roaming chickens that are fed on a vegetarian diet. We add no hormones and antibiotics, and we take care of them and handle them carefully. We don’t add artificial colors or preservatives to our products.
We specialize in providing frozen pork carcass and pork cuts. Our pork meat is high quality and we get that from 100% grain fed pork. These come with no added hormones and you can embrace our product with no hesitation.
We offer worldwide delivery to our importers in many food sectors including industry, retail, wholesale suppliers, food service distributors, etc. That means if you want to enjoy flexible frozen food supply, contact us.